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Randall Schultz is a recent convert to paleolibertarianism. He recently went through a mid-life crisis. This crisis was not a string of extramarital affairs, but was a denunciation of a neoconservative ideology. His thinking is influenced by an array of heroes who include Confessional Lutheran theologians and dead, white guys like Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises. He is also an avid fan of the gifted and talented writers at the Anti-State, Antiwar, Lew Rockwell and Strike The Root websites, among others. For this, he is grateful to Al Gore for inventing the Internet. Randall and his child-bride of 23 years are blessed with five children and reside in the state of Wisconsin. He earns a living as a lowly electronics technician for a huge, evil, greedy, multi-national corporation. His hobbies include studying Austrian economics, amateur radio, playing with Linux, riding bicycles with his wife, and arguing with statists.


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Columns by Randall Schultz

The Criminal CDC
Randall Schultz 2005-08-07 16:00
'Government is not compassion. It is killing, beating, and hanging' ~ Ludwig von Mises 'What government does best is break both of your legs and give you a pair of crutches and says, see, if it wasn't for the government, you would not be able to walk.' ~ Harry Browne
Just Following Orders
Randall Schultz 2003-06-04 16:00
Most of us have heard of the excuse called "The Nuremburg Defense." At the trials of the Nazi war criminals in Nuremburg, many of the accused defended their actions by claiming that they were just following orders. It seems a bit odd that the state revenue agents, known as law enforcement, often use this exact same excuse when citizens complain to them about being shaken down. What is implicit...
Lead By Example
Randall Schultz 2003-06-01 16:00
One of the tactics that politicians use to deceive us is tricking us into believing that they are just like one of us. On the way home from work, I noticed one of those yard signs that homeowners often display in support of a candidate. Below the candidate's name was the phrase, "a working man working for you." It is enough to make one ponder why an honest working man would want to immerse...
Martin Luther on War
Randall Schultz 2003-03-03 17:00
In his book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William L. Shirer makes a quantum leap in logic by blaming Martin Luther for advocating unswerving obedience to earthly authorities which somehow caused the German nation to blindly follow Adolf Hitler. For the record, Luther never advocated blind obedience to the state. Luther often reminded Christians to follow the dictates of their consciences...