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Dorothy Anne Seese is retired and lives in Sun City, Arizona.  She majored in political science at UCLA in the mid-1950s.  Her website is here.


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Columns by Dorothy Anne Seese

The Fallout of War
Dorothy Anne Seese 2004-05-06 16:00
The American public is now seeing a thumbnail of the fallout of war, things that the press has heretofore kept out of the sight of the average American at home. We have wanted to believe in glory, in a war movie rather than in the blood, gore and savagery of war itself. Somehow I recall the progression as being the carefully-edited newsreels at the movies, plus nightly radio reports on World War...
Why Is the U.S. Still in the Middle East?
Dorothy Anne Seese 2004-04-28 16:00
The necessity for any kind of war in the Middle East, on any official grounds espoused by the United States, just did not exist! The attacks of September 11, 2001, have left a lot of unanswered questions about who knew what, and if no one in our leadership knew anything, that isn't quite what they've said or what the evidence indicates. If they did know and took no preventative action, that would...
Government: Crude Dude, Out of My Life
Dorothy Anne Seese 2004-02-01 17:00
Hey government--I was born here and told I was free and for many years, it seemed like I was. And it wasn't a special privilege for me, it was for Americans, native-born and legally naturalized. Now you have an agency to butt into everything I do, say, type, eat, and you don't want me blowing smoke from big stogies to pollute and air--never mind that I'm allergic to diesel...
Vote Here, Pay Later
Dorothy Anne Seese 2004-01-28 17:00
The people get fooled every time there's an election. They must love it. There's an old tradition to being either a Republican or a Democrat that changing times have not changed, and the politicians do not wish to change because it keeps one of two facades in power. Changing parties is not changing directions, but the people in power want us, the American voters, to think it really matters....
The Root of All Power
Dorothy Anne Seese 2004-01-08 17:00
To dig around the root of power, it is necessary to focus on those elements from which power is derived and the means used to retain it. History proves this to be a study of the ugliest facets of human nature. In this age of man (starting after the Flood, if you so believe) in that area of the fertile crescent that is today's battleground, a man seized power by force and subdued the peaceful...
George W. Bush: A Designer President by Karl Rove
Dorothy Anne Seese 2003-05-18 16:00
The White House has taken a cue from the success of producer/director Steven Spielberg, a confessing liberal communicant, and Karl Rove has created from a patrician family's spoiled son, errant investor and baseball fan both a governor for the state of Texas and now, a true "designer" president for Americans who are hungry for a hero to worship and a leader to follow. In fact, Rove's masterpiece...
The Great Freedom Robbery
Dorothy Anne Seese 2003-05-15 16:00
At breakfast with a friend this morning, she told me her husband felt that the nation was leaning too far to the conservative side under the Bush leadership. Excuse me? It was my duty to inform her that George W. Bush is not a conservative. He is a tyrant, a populist leader created by the imagery of Karl Rove, and the antithesis of everything that conservatism represents. He is a disgrace to...