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America the Trashy
A.E. Summar 2004-06-27 16:00
Is it just me, or have the inhabitants of the USA become awfully, well, gross in recent years? I used to believe that the vast majority of Americans were morally upright and even decent folk. I thought them a bit deluded, sure, but charming and wholesome nonetheless. A relatively short time ago, I viewed my countrymen as well-meaning if na've. I considered them harmless in their jingoistic...
A Most Dangerous Game
A.E. Summar 2003-06-29 16:00
Politicians have always struck me as little more impressive than small boys playing dress-up. Like politicians, small boys playing dress-up swagger in costume, puffed with imagined grandeur. The fundamental difference between small boys and politicians, however, is as obvious as it is slight: Small boys rarely have the power to annihilate entire populations at will. A nuclear warhead is no...
On Withdrawing from the State
A.E. Summar 2003-06-25 16:00
Statism, like any other addiction, can only exist when there is a continual source of the drug to supply the addict's need. If an addict successfully removes the drug from his lifestyle, he is well on his way to killing the power it holds over him. Certainly the withdrawal from a physical addiction is uncomfortable'even fatal sometimes'but withdrawing from an ideological addiction is infinitely...