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On 21 December 1970, U.S. President Richard M. Nixon met with Elvis Presley in the White House. It is the contention of this website that this meeting works as a metaphor for the confluence of American culture and American politics.

Each in his own way represented a vital strand of US life that is often derided and misunderstood by our media and academic elites.

Tupelo underdog Elvis beat all odds in becoming "The King" as much as Yorba Linda poor boy/Whittier College over-achiever represented the disconnect between the essentially middle-class yearning of "the Great Silent Majority" and the NY/Hollywood power axis.

For all their achievement and Shakespearean catastrophe, both men represent very different ideals of America at the crossroads. They serve as a Rorschach test; ask somebody what they think of either man, and I will tell you where he fits in the cultural/political spectrum.

It is the mission of ELVISNIXON.COM to explore this area of our lives via thoughtful analysis and quirky items that will fuel the imagination and confront unexamined biases of the overeducated/dumbed-down culture that has become America since that meeting so long ago.


I am interested in culture and the deterioration of culture. Culture is art,literature,cinema and yes,politics. Politics are the symptom and the cause of much of what is wrong with our culture