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Tom Bolt
United States
Retired Teacher of Special Education

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I am 71 and blessed with a terriable back condition that compromises many activities I once enjoyed and miss dearly. My existance is a daily struggle and I survive it only through modern chemistry which I believe is killing me also. I am a retired teacher of Special Education for the Mentally,emotionally, learning diasbled, deaf, blind and physically impaired. My classrooms were filled with violent offenders that could not be place in jail or prison due to mental incompentency. I have had feces hurled at me, pissed on, spat upon, stabbed several times, life threatend multiple times and many allegations of abuse of which all were unfounded. It took strong measures to subdue the attacks, but the student was returned to class the next day. It was the law. I live in Michigan, I hunt and trap, I am a prepper accepting the idea that this nation will some form of collapse within a few because we have a stupid government filled with idiots whom are self-serving, aggrandizing, greedy butt wipes. I favor the anarchist perspective but subscribe to no perspective but my own. I believe Natural Law and Natural Rights are the most appropriate ideological forms which should be practiced. The end


Father of two with a wife of 48 years, retired teacher and lazy.


Once upon a time I had many interests.  My only interest now is figuering out how to endure the pain of osteoarthritis.  The DEA, FDA and DOJ, since they cannot control drugs coming into the states have turned to eliminating the use of opioid pain relievers to Senior citizens and citizens faced with crippeling pain.  I have yet to manage to get anyone to listen to me and the critical nature of doing the right thing rather than the wrong thing.  My pain medications have been reduced from180 tablets to 60.  It is impossible to get through eight hours a day on only two pills a day to address the pain I experiance.