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Benjamin J. Gohs is a staff writer for the Charlevoix Courier newspaper and author of the award-winning column "The Crying Towel." 


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Columns by Benjamin Gohs

Peace in the Middle East, the Original Oxymoron
Benjamin Gohs 2007-12-11 16:00
Exclusive to STR December 12, 2007 Oh to have been an NSA bug under the table at the recent Annapolis Summit. The idea any conference could lay groundwork for peace between Israel and Palestine seems only less absurd than a peace deal brokered by the U.S. So what did they accomplish? America says it will monitor the two while Israel doesn't stop building illegal settlements in the West Bank and...
Who's Policing the Police?
Benjamin Gohs 2007-11-28 16:00
Exclusive to STR November 29, 2007 A few northern Michigan officers have recently been in the headlines for breaking laws they swore to uphold. Angered and intrigued, I wondered if this was a fluke or a growing problem.
The Selective Censorship of Speech
Benjamin Gohs 2007-10-23 15:00
Exclusive to STR October 24, 2007 Since this country's inception a variety of our rulers have, from time to time, impinged Americans' freedoms of expression.
The Puritanical Prohibition of Polygamy
Benjamin Gohs 2007-08-22 15:00
Exclusive to STR I got to wondering the other day whether a law is just simply because it is law and why the subjective morality of a few is heaped onto the masses. We have laws in this country enacted to punish people for and deter them from physically or fiscally harming others, I get that. We also have arbitrary laws passed to apparently indulge the intolerance of the ruling class. Let me...