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The New York Times to the Rescue?
Servando Gonzalez 2006-07-06 16:00
A few of days ago I was listening to an early morning radio program hosted by Lee Rodgers, when I heard somebody saying something that made my blood boil. Lee was interviewing Peter Mulhern, a Washington D.C. lawyer who also writes for The American Thinker. When Lee asked Mulhern what he would do to a traitor like New York Times' editor Bill Keller, Mulhern's answer was quick: I would send a swat...
The ALA, Google, and the Passion for Censorship
Servando Gonzalez 2006-06-11 16:00
In his keynote speech at the American Library Association midwinter meeting in San Antonio, Texas, Romanian-born writer Andrei Codrescu surprised his sponsors by strongly criticizing ALA executives for denying support to their harassed colleagues at Cuba's independent libraries.