Utah Approves Gold & Silver Coins As Currency


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"Utah Approves Gold & Silver Coins As Currency"


"House Bill 317 was introduced by state Rep. Brad Galvez (R) last week, and passed the House by a vote of 47-26. It will now head to the state Senate for a vote."

Not YET, it hasn't, apparently.

"The Utah House of Representatives has approved a bill[sic] that allowing gold and silver coins to be used as currency, though unlike similar bills in other states, it doesn’t force anyone to accept gold or silver as legal tender."

Does anyone here know if any of the several STATES have approved a bill that "forces" their members to accept gold or silver as legal tender?

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www.disinfo.com: An ironic URL, given the misleading title of the article. Leftists. So predictable.

Also, at the bottom of page: "Copyright 2011 The Disinformation Company Ltd."

What a sense of humor they have!

Thanks for posting the corrective to the misleading headline, which ought not to have been repeated at STR.

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Hello Liberal in Lakeview,

Just curious, why would you link to something from a troll calling him or her self "BaphometRex666", which in turn links to the Sinagogue of Satan website?