Vaccine Safety Appointee Gives Big Pharma Media An Anaphylactic Shock


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Trump may end up ruing the day he associated himself with that self-entitled nutbar. RFK Jr.'s anti-vaccine balderdash is easily and absolutely refuted by the overwhelming weight of the  evidence. People in America rarely get polio, for example, anymore because above 85 percent of us are vaxed, not because the polio virus isn't out there in the environment any longer. If and when the BIG COLLAPSE ever comes, we're gonna see viral and bacterial diseases run rampant thru the unvaxed population. Count on it.

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Whether one is "pro-vaccine" or "anti-vaccine" has nothing to do with anything. The question: Do you want psychopaths grouped under the mindless abstraction called "government" forcing everybody -- under penalty of death (all white man's "law" comes under eventual death sentence until resisters "comply") -- to succumb to forced inoculations? When you can't help knowing that the medical establishment, which includes their incestuous relationship with pharmaceuticals, represent among the largest lobbying outfits in the business??? And they're the folks who want to write the "laws" involved in this discussion???

I and much of my family are counted among "...the-unvaxed-population..." who will have viral and bacterial diseases " rampant..." We are the wealthiest of families in our part of the country. Not because of resources defined by US federal reserve notes. But because we're homeschoolers, non-vaxers, and free. And, we're the healthiest individuals in town -- free from diabetes, free from doctors and hospitals, free from disease.

We're the ones the lefties are taking aim at. Apparently it's "unfair", or "unequal", or "unsustainable" for us to maintain such good health without enforced vaccinations and other medical conjurations. That thinking, my friend, is the equivalent of the desire for madmen to be in charge of the asylum.

Go figger. Sam

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NY Post: "We’re relieved that Team Trump has denied Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s claim that the president-elect is naming him to chair a commission on 'vaccination safety and scientific integrity.' That would’ve been putting a madman in charge of the asylum."

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Oh -- and please don't get me wrong. I could care less if Kennedy Jr or anybody else "serves" on Trump's agenda. Read this:

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Link to a documentary:

Not that I'm endorsing it -- haven't seen it, and probably won't. First, I generally don't watch "documentaries", which seem to all follow a redundant format nowadays. I eschew redundancies. Second, it's presumably only on at certain times, and I have no intentions of making an appointment to watch it.

I might google it once the video becomes available free online. But I'll be the choir they're a-preachin' to. You might benefit from watching, but I doubt it.

Pro-vaxers and anti-vaxers tend to fall into the similar categories -- neither have any intentions of "switching", regardless of reality, evidence or facts. Sam