The Voting Franchise


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    "...Another by-product of this development is the popular idea that somehow ‘states’ exist to serve ‘the people’..."

I don't know exactly what "Force" it might be that allows one person to see a thing when thousands -- yea, millions -- around him or her simply cannot focus upon the obvious. But you and I have the "privilege" of living within a gigantic Stockholm Syndrome that we can't manage or control, but of which we can write and speak in such a manner that a few -- just a few at a time -- will turn around and grasp it.

Some of them will indeed break free.

"Democracy" is the genius that holds it together and creates the illusion of a "mandate" that the predators use to work their magic -- the fleecing of the flock.

    "...I believe everybody must pay his or her fair share..."

Good work, Entito.


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So many people have an emotional attachment to voting because it provides a placebo effect that allow the voter to believe that they are "doing something"; full of good intentions, of course.

At best, voting is a waste of time, but soothing emotional needs seems to be more important to many whom like to fashion themsleves as anarchists than remaining true to basic principles. Anybody that "does the math" and calculates how meaningless any vote is in the outcome of any election would realize that their particpation in this quasi-religious ritual is completely self-serving. The "gigantic Stockholm Syndrome" is an excellent analogy Sam.