War Without End, Amen: The Reality of America's Aggression Against Iraq


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War is a staple of city-Statism (civilization); therefore, civilization itself is "the most profound and filthy moral evil."

"Based on archaeological evidence, it is now a tenet of mainstream scholarship that pre-civilization humans lived in the absence of violence—more specifically, of organized violence."

~John Zerzan
The Origins of War

Libertarians, Randroids, an-caps, etc. need to check their premises, because their religio-economic belief system is built on as many false premises as creationism.

The last 60 years of anthropology and archeology that demonstrate an "Original Affluent Society" (Sahlins, 1972) are as paradigm-shattering to the establishment as On the Origin of Species.

It's time to consider real, scientific empirical evidence instead of parroting non-evidence-based "axioms" from the libertarian canon. Because an axiom isn't "self-evident" when empirical data refutes it.

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Really? Civilization exists? Prove it.