Warrantless Searches and Criminal Government Bureaucrats (But I Repeat Myself)

Column by Scott Lazarowitz.

Exclusive to STR

For months I had been working on a piece for STR on government police, the right of self-defense and the Second Amendment, along the lines of this blog post. But I had been procrastinating and doing other things, mainly because of the difficulty in doing such a “controversial” piece, and I was even considering using a different name (that is, if the editor didn’t reject it altogether).

However, now that I’ve lived through the horrific Boston Siege of 2013, I will not complete that article. The aforementioned blog post will have to do. (And this article by Larken Rose also makes some relevant points, albeit with a somewhat provocative title.)

Instead, I will express how terrified I am of the police, and government bureaucrats in general (even more than I already was), although Paul Bonneau would probably say that I need not be.

While I don’t live in Watertown, Massachusetts, the town that suffered the worst of the criminal intrusions and terrorism inflicted by the various Gestapo police agencies, I do live in one of the areas surrounding that community that various police agency heads and Nazi Gov. Deval Patrick had “urged” all of us to stay at home (“shelter-in-place”) and don’t go out at all.

I say “Nazi” Gov. Patrick not because he is a practicing or devout Nazi or a registered, card-carrying member of the Nazi Party. But, given his recent gun-grabbing mouth-foaming, his new law to fingerprint teachers and adoptive parents like criminal suspects, and his fascist order that we stay off the roads during the Blizzard of 2013 or else he’ll throw us in jail, I would have to say that if it talks like a Nazi, and walks like a Nazi . . . . And that goes for the stormtroopers who not only barged into the homes of innocent Watertown residents to search without warrants, but ordered them out of their homes during searches as well. (To steal stuff perhaps? Illegally search for firearms, drugs and so forth?)

Yes, those Nazis.

So I am really terrified of these government bureaucrats and police people. They are the real terrorists, and they are dangerous.

Actually, I am also terrified of the obedient sheeple who do not seem to understand what is really being done to them.
Arthur Silber had this reaction to the situation and how people passively accept their abuse.

And by the way, the bill that Gov. Patrick signed into law to fingerprint teachers was a knee-jerk, irrational response to one lone child-molesting pervert in the news.

What is it with these idiots who must punish innocent people by treating them like criminal suspects, thus compromising their security, because of what someone else did?

Like Herr Bloomberg and Frau Feinstein who want to disarm and make defenseless innocent civilians because of what one lone murderer did. Honestly, these Rulers of ours are really stupid people. Either that or they’re just a bunch of sadists (or both).

Many laws and policies now, whether it’s gun control, regulations of everyday behaviors or business matters, treat totally innocent people like criminals, in which you have to prove your innocence.

This is not the America in which I grew up.

And while I’m not a big fan of the U.S. Constitution, I will point out that those Boston area so-called police took an oath to obey the Constitution, and those who participated in the warrantless searches in Watertown violated such an oath. They acted like criminals, and if I believed in the “criminal justice” system that we have now (but shouldn’t), I would suggest that they be charged with searching without warrants, endangerment, trespassing, and, in my opinion, terrorism. And that goes for the highest in command who ordered the crimes to take place. (But I think the people’s right to self-defense and the right to bear arms speaks for itself.)

But how long might this had gone on had that civilian (non-government-criminal) Watertown resident not found the alleged suspect in his boat in the back yard? Three days? A week? Would they then have expanded the illegal home-searching to include the towns surrounding Watertown? How about all of Massachusetts? (The nazi Gov. Deval Patrick’s order to stay off the roads or he’ll throw us in jail during the Blizzard of 2013 applied to ALL of Massachusetts, even those not heavily affected by the blizzard.)

Are these government bureaucrats and police criminals going to continue doing more of these things now, and for reasons not as “serious” as locating an alleged terrorism suspect?

Clearly, the government criminals will now be searching in people’s homes for a “dangerous terrorism suspect” or someone who has escaped form prison, or someone who was alleged to kill his family, or for bank robbers, etc. Then it will be “gold hoarders,” homeschoolers, “off-the-gridders,” you get my drift.

But when the government police are searching the homes, they will start looking in closets, and then opening drawers, etc. (Yeah, we got a terrorism suspect hiding in a desk drawer here . . . .) For that is what government does. (Private civilians and businesspeople tend to not commit such intrusions, don’t you know.)

And, yes, they’re going to start arresting people who have visible signs of “anti-government” papers or books. It’s inevitable in this Orwellian, Twilight Zone Amerika. (Or they will arrest people for possessing that Bible, especially here in Christian-hating communist Massachusetts.)

So, if there is a siege in your neighborhood, you had better hide your Murray Rothbard books, and your copy of End the Fed, or you could be arrested and brought to the local town jail in which they strip search (including cavity search-rapes) even those arrested for minor offenses such as walking the dog sans leash. Yes, strip search. The Supreme Bureaucrats said that was okay, you know.

That strip search stuff, by the way, along with the TSA groping and molesting, is part of how the criminal State operates in its drive to control the people, and is also a means for its agents to get their thrills and power trips.

And what about the thousands and thousands of laws that are on the books that could make any one of us a suspect and the police want to search our homes and frisk us?

Expect not only widespread police-criminal searches, but thefts of your property, such as laptops, cell phones, and other goodies. What are you going to do, report a police officer to the police?

Given that the State is a monopoly, and its agents are allowed to act above the law, of course that will attract those who will act lawlessly. The State inherently attracts those of a criminal bent, given that the State is itself a criminal enterprise. It will naturally attract those who not only have no problem with taking stuff from others and getting away with it, but those who get off on intruding themselves into other people’s homes and going through their things, violating others’ personal space and persons, and committing acts of aggression against others, and getting away with it.

I know, I know. There are some good apples who are in government employment, even including some police. But where are they? Why are there so many news stories of cops getting away with the worst atrocities (or being disciplined with “paid vacations”)? And, when those good cops out there actually do attempt to act as whistleblowers, they get fired?

Yes, many of these government people are dangerous and they are terrifying. (Certainly more than your local accountant, or other private sector workers, that’s for sure.)

As Stephen Lendman wrote just this week, most of the terrorism being committed against innocents is committed by the State and its agents.

And now, some local police departments are hiring military veterans, from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that George W. Bush started, many of whom are stressed out and suffering from PTSD. And the wars included “Kill Teams.” According to one soldier involved with the “Kill Teams,” “everyone just wants to kill people at any cost.” (Jeepers, I hope that’s not true. Just imagine them patrolling the streets of America.) And there have been the lowered recruitment standards, recruits with criminal records, the military’s sexual assault complaints from female personnel, and male-against-male sexual assault complaints in the thousands.

And many in the military are being prescribed those anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, and other dangerous drugs. And some of them are apparently mixing the drugs into “cocktails.”

Do you really have any cause for concern over these things? No, no, no – not at all. (Not if you are an expat, of course.)

As Dr. Peter Breggin noted, those SSRI anti-depressants have already been shown to contribute to suicides, and overly aggressive and violent behavior. Many recent mass shooters had been on some of these dangerous prescription drugs. The alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes was said to be taking the same drug that one of the Columbine school shooters was on. And people who knew the Lanza family had stated that alleged Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was “on medication,” but thus far investigators have not revealed what that might have been.

A lot of the younger police are from the generation now in which a high percentage of kids are being diagnosed with one “mental illness” or another, and given dangerous drugs such as Ritalin or those anti-depressants.

I am really looking forward to a future of peace and liberty in America. Aren’t you?

But as I’ve said here previously, we will really need to protect ourselves from the State, a truly dangerous and inherently criminal institution. Good luck, everyone.

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Glock27's picture

Stupidity! // I once had a faith that the police would not assault citizens without good cause and would not follow executive orders. Some may not, but more may. They are addicted to the rush it provides whether legal or not; the get to terrorize people, the main objective. Americans face the worst possible government that has existed to this day, Freedom will never be as long as those who hold power remain. Freedom will require more drastic measures than we currently wish would be.

Paul's picture

I think there are two effects here. One is that things have always been this bad, but we didn't know because our sources of information were effectively state-controlled. The other is that things really are getting worse.

It's hard to say but I am certain that the ruling class wants us to fear. "It's not necessary that you love us, provided that you also fear us," or however that saying goes. So it's a good idea to control your fear (no, I never said to eliminate fear, but to get a handle on it). It's also a good idea to be at peace with your mortality.

I think civil war or rebellion will happen soon. The resistance literature on the internet has been growing by leaps and bounds. Everyone with any sense is arming themselves. This is how things work with human beings. Get ready for it.

Oh, and get the heck out of Massachussetts, Scott! :-)

Glock27's picture

I am encouraged to believe you are accurate on both fronts. Pessimistic I know.

I cannot confirm it but I believe the initial thrust of the progrom began with Bush I.