Washington's Walking Dead


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Feel like I'm whispering to myself any more whenever I visit STR. But that's probably just as well.

Because I'm getting bored to tears of "libertarian" whiners like Tom Dispatch wailing and gnashing teeth over malfeasance of "the government". I truly believe those types simply cannot see "the government" as a mindless abstraction, a group of psychopaths, who are simply acting out their indoctrinations.

    "...More tax dollars consumed, more intrusions in our lives, the further militarization of the country, the dispatching of some part of the U.S. military to yet another country, the enshrining of war or war-like actions as the option of choice -- this, by now, is a way of life. These days, the only headlines out of Washington that should surprise us would have “narrowing” or “less,” not “broadening” or “more,” in them..."

And what, dear friend, would one expect from a "District of Collectivism"? The whining and nagging is simply affirmation of the lunatics of state's proclaimed "jurisdiction" -- same as political "voting".

I'd better get back on my bike and shut up -- beautiful "January thaw" in this barren north country. Sam

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I hear you Sam and agree with you about the whining, but can't really offer any actionable solutions as an alternative.  I can only promote peaceful patience and deliberate preparation for the state's inevitable implosion.  I appreciate your diligence and energy. 

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Thanks, Mark. And I truly appreciate the inspiration you've been to me over the years -- and to the Hale Bobbers (or what's left of 'em since they moved over to "facebook"). Sam