We Need Guns to Make Us Safer


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There is Yin and there is Yang. There is "yes" and there is "no", "There is stupid and there is more stupid" The thing is there's no cure for stupid. We hve stupid legislators, like it or not, and we have stupid Americans like Morgan Freeman and Jessy Jackson, among others. Thank goodness Angilena Jolie likes guns. What haplpens in the U.K. stays in the U.K. and our stupid legislators like Feinstine, Boxer, Pelose, Read, Jehovah [o]bama and Hillary Cliton, don't know their a** from a hole in the ground. I only wish all anti-gun owners were required to put a sign up in their yard or on their front door saying "No guns on premises".
But lest not kid ourselves. One, one day instruction on firearms operation does not reallyqualify anyone to own and use a firearm. Therein lies a danger itself. I have finished my second course of combat arms trainging and waiting for the third. I practice weekly--sometimes several times. I use a .22 for live fire, a lot of dry fire practice and once a month live fire with different calibers to stay aware of recoil and other factor.
Anarchists, agorist, voluntaryist, libertarians and other -isms and -oligies scare me because I see them mostly setting back and being a part of the anti-gun group and doing nothing. I know you hate the government and enjoy talking about how horriable it is and I know you would not make the slightest effort to contact a representative of any nature to express your position regarding the ban on guns. Sometimes we have to overlook the bitter taste and illness that follows just to do what needs to be done. It calls for a sacrifice to be made fo the better good. I am not implying affiliation in any way shape or form, but sacrificing for a brief period of time to assure enough voices are heard to stop the coming insanity.
Someone on this site posted the "believed that being an anarchist might be doing more harm than it was doing good?" Of course this is paraphrased, but I happen to believe this might be one of those times.