Weltschmerz, Anyone?

Column by Paul Hein.

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The Germans have a knack, if that’s the word for it, of making new words by putting old ones together. So “weltschmerz” is a conjunction of two words meaning, literally “world pain.” The term refers to the frustration, depression, etc., that one experiences on appreciating the difference between the way things are, and the way they should be. I’ve got it bad. A chronic case.

Looking at the state of the world today, in my ninth decade, compared to the halcyon days of my youth, I wonder that weltschmerz isn’t epidemic.

There’s talk of legislation making the use of cash, at least for certain purchases, illegal. Or they might place a “tax” upon its use. Has it occurred to the rulers that by so doing they would make what is legal to tender illegal? Or, if it’s occurred to them, do they care? For a long time I’ve thought that the basic human right most under attack by our rulers is the right to privacy--a right which is secured, at least regarding buying and selling, by the use of cash. Now even that is under attack. And if “privacy” is a justification for a woman’s abortion, as the court suggested, wouldn’t it be a justification for keeping her financial affairs to herself, when questioned about them by the taxing authorities? Or is the expectation of consistency foolish? Are basic rights allowable only at the discretion of the rulers? So it seems. Weltschmerz!

We would like to drive to Louisiana to visit my wife’s brother. Doing so would put us within 100 miles of the coast, and thus subject to being stopped and interrogated by the “border” police. Why must I be subjected to such a thing, in a “free” country? If I stay home to avoid the confrontation, the rulers have, I guess, won, since they obviously regard our moving about freely with some concern, and subject to their control and regulation. On the other hand, I could make the trip and, when stopped, assert my rights, as many others have done successfully. Many others, but not all! If the border SS troops regard my attitude as suggesting of, or hinting of, or remotely approaching what might be interpreted as possibly redolent of terrorism, I could be dragged from the car, and tasered and beaten. And this by people who exist, officially, to protect my rights! Oh, what sort of world do we live in?! How can I be weltschmerz-free in such a country!

During most of the years of my long life, America has been at war. The benefits of this bellicose foreign policy are not readily apparent to me, although I am, admittedly, not in the armaments business. Every time I turn on the television, I learn that our rulers are bombing this country, or that one, and never for any good reason, so far as I can tell. Killing people in the cause of fighting “terrorism” seems to justify any sort of aggression against any group having even the slightest connection with the possibility of “terrorism.” Our rulers seem totally oblivious to the destruction they are wreaking upon people who couldn’t harm us if they tried. Even worse, if that’s possible, is the acceptance by so many Americans of this homicidal behavior. If our rulers are as evil as they appear to be, are our fellow Americans as stupid as they seem? Will they ever realize that they’re being regularly and routinely lied to about the “need” for aggression by the rulers? Oh, weltschmerz!

Boys who “feel like there’s a girl inside,” or girls, feeling, somehow, the presence of a boy inside, are willing to have their bodies mutilated to achieve a physical appearance suggested of the desired gender. Only a few decades ago, such behavior would have been considered madness, if, indeed, it was ever considered at all. Sex and marriage were considered to have profound moral significance, but our churchmen have surrendered the teaching of morals to the rulers, while they concern themselves with being hale fellows, well-met, and making us feel really, really good about ourselves. Weltschmerz in spades!!

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Paul--"Have the Church leaders surrendered their teaching of morals to the rulers?" The thrust of your dismay seems to have answered that question buried in the sentence above. It is being taken away from them are not surrendering. Local authorities challenge and arrest persons (in certain geographical locations, for holding bible studies), legislation is introduced to force churches to hire persons of deviant behavior as pastors, or youth leaders, Chaplin's in the military are being dismissed (the Navy one got his job back though). I cannot remember all the items under the bill they are attempting to strangle religious belief while promoting Islamic faith, then of course there is the House Boy pretending to be President? How many crimes against the nation has he committed under his "Fundamental transformation of America"? It seems clear and obvious that the House Boy is leading this fundamental transformation of America via any avenue he can find. Every tragedy, the House Boy finds a use in fundamentally transforming the nation. Had this creature not been elected I honestly believe we would not be faced with half the problems we are currently seeing.
I know many on STR boo me for having anything to do with the Constitution, but as I have studied it, the Constitution would work if and only if the men and women elected would full-fill their oath to it, however, there are many legislators ignoring the Constitution as Representative Paul Ryan has clearly implied, but that is not the topic.

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I really could give a fig less about folks expressing whatever gender-bending proclivities they feel, or any noises for or against that others might make, so long as those aren't shoved down my throat (no pun intended) with the caveat "or else!" added. Unfortunately that's exactly the state of affairs these days.

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Modern Media bundles several "Trans"-Minorities which are quite different from each other and puts them in one sack.
I dare to say that many of the people inside this sack have at least one thing in common.They are more of the calm kind
and are trying their best to maintain a low profile, yet in the Media usually a pesky and nerve-racking Drag Queen
is presented as a prime-example for this whole bunch of people.

"Only a few decades ago, such behavior would have been considered madness, if, indeed, it was ever considered at all."
Oh these good old days!
You know what happened in the 1930ies up until 1945 in Germany if someone got to know your little
secret?.->Gassed and burned!.
Even after WWII in Western Democracies you had good chances of imprisonment and forced medication.
Additionally you had in all countries what the German Nazis called "Gesundes Volksempfinden":
The Judgement by the Lynchmob provided that all the members of the mindless herd had the "proper
moral values" in their hearts.Sentenced to harassment, physical violence, even killing.
During my younger active Sporting Days(Olympic wightlifting and Powerlifting) I got to
know two women with "a boy inside" who "mutilated" their Bodies with excessive Wightlifting.
Today I have one "Kathoi" Ladyboy in the Family of my wife.
These Human beeings dont do harm to anybody.

You dont have to like these people or understand them.
But if you have any Ideas about "re-educate", punish them or make them go away
by the means of the bad old days then you are utterly wrong.

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I, too, am octogenarian, subject to weltschmerz (melancholy).

It's natural, I suppose, as we get older, to think of childhood and youth ("simpler times") with wistfulness. Because The-Good-Old-Days were filled with an anarchy, or liberty, few of us questioned. It was "what we had". We had not yet been faced with the challenge of child rearing and the need to become "good" parents. "Good Providers" etc etc. Our needs were mostly met by others -- non-invasive others -- others who loved us and cared for our well-being (in spite of their constant nagging and bellyaching for us to "behave").


The Germanic folks had some other techniques by which they made indelible a condition we here at STR have come to call "statism". The use of terms such as "the-rulers" (or, more obnoxiously, "our rulers") is one example. The-Rulers do not exist -- "they" are superstition. Well, they might be your rulers (I can't speak for you), but they are not "our" rulers.

I remember early in my trek toward anarchy I almost took the opportunity to move lock, stock and barrel to Costa Rica. I had the means by which to do that. My sister-in-law did. She finally ended up in Belize. She owns a large (and I guess prosperous) resort there. After two divorces and leaving everybody she loved and cared about (and who loved and cared about her) behind.

Somehow it came to me that if I were ever to become free I had to be free. Here. Where I am. Now.

Thanks, Mark Davis (and all you other Root-Strikers -- wherever you ended up).

It gradually began to sink in that all "government" was illusory in nature, but with dangerously armed defenders. That war was produced, promulgated, and the health of what we call "statism", or the state.

Once that hurdle was overcome I could treat psychopaths hiding under the mantle of "the state" in the same manner that I recognize rattlesnakes. When I go to the woods I wear boots. And I watch where I reach (I got bit when I was young on my left hand, the fang and surgery marks still remain). Basic precautionary measures -- same as if I take a trip to the area of the Gulf Coast or other places near "borders" (fictitious lines in the sand).

I no longer mourn something that never was. Oh, my youth pleasurable enough. I had not recognized the nature of government to metastasize; and, therefore, I "respected" the policeman and the soldier. I've even repented and forgiven myself for my "roll" (I was a draftee). I refuse to resent the ignorant lunatics to this day. The policemen and the border patrolmen probably have among the best jobs in town, and their overtime pay makes it advantageous if I hassle them and "try-to-make-them-accountable".

But I'm not going to change my plans to visit relatives in the place they're calling "Louisiana" if I so choose.


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"difference between the way things are, and the way they should be."

There is no "should be". There is only the way we (individually, and differently) prefer them to be.

If "they" outlaw cash, who cares? Just get around it or ignore it. It's probably going to flop shortly just like everything else they try. Remember when FDR confiscated gold? How many actually turned it in? Don't we now have gold, if we want it?

"Our rulers seem totally oblivious to the destruction they are wreaking..."

I don't think "oblivious" is quite the right word. They simply don't care. BTW Sam, I use the word "ruler" as a synonym for "parasite".

"Even worse, if that’s possible, is the acceptance by so many Americans of this homicidal behavior."

Why be surprised? The indoctrination apparatus is gigantic and entrenched. Anyway I think you mistake resignation for acceptance. Most people think we should get out of Afghanistan, etc. Most individuals understand their opinion on the matter affects nothing.

As to people getting creative with gender issues, why is that anyone else's business? Yes, public figures always will generate comment, no problem there, but for the rest of them? I look at that and I see liberty, even if I might question the aesthetics or taste.