What Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Exposed About the Drone Strikes


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**VICTORY: We may not be in agreement party wise, politically and etc, but I believe the example provided by Rand Paul and Ted Cruz demonstrates that there are people who care. Strikers bob, dance and weave political philosophy, and strike when political events happen which are atrocious. Woah! Not criticizing here but two Republicans finally brought Holder to his knees. What they did I believe was good for the Country.
Should anyone be interested, if the political body of the government does something that is good for all the people does it get a pass or is it because of all its past foul deeds condemn the government? Another question is,“Can human beings do without a form of government? If no, what is it that will keep a society together?
I am supposing the first question is that no government is necessary. If this is so, how is it that you can trust another to uphold whatever belief it is that keeps society stable? One answer, which is not satisfactory, is go to others whom do uphold equal values and go after the offender.The problem with this is he too is going to go to those whom uphold his values ergo we come into the event horizon "War". I am missing something here!?!