What They are Still Doing in Our Name


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"Our name"? Only if we choose to remain members of the body politic[1] are government atrocities in "our name", i.e. in our authority; only then are we accessories to its crimes[2].


[1] MEMBER, n. 4. ...Every citizen is a member of the state or body politic. ~ Webster's 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language

"Certainly no man can rightfully be required to join, or support, an association whose protection he does not desire. Nor can any man be reasonably or rightfully expected to join, or support, any association whose plans, or method of proceeding, he does not approve, as likely to accomplish its professed purpose of maintaining justice, and at the same time itself avoid doing injustice. To join, or support, one that would, in his opinion, be inefficient, would be absurd. To join or support one that, in his opinion, would itself do injustice, would be criminal. He must, therefore, be left at the same liberty to join, or not to join, an association for this purpose, as for any other, according as his own interest, discretion, or conscience shall dictate." ~ Lysander Spooner

"If one calls himself a citizen[*], then he is actively choosing to participate in the government organization." ~ tzo http://www.strike-the-root.com/theory-of-natural-hierarchy-and-government

*Technically, it only matters what "one calls himself", if it is true, when one's "walk" matches his "talk". You may "call" yourself a fighter pilot, but if investigation uncovers that you've never flown a plane your "call" won't be accepted by rational individuals.

[2] "To join or support one [an association] that, in his opinion, would itself do injustice, would be criminal. ~ Lysander Spooner

"A crime may consist in omission or neglect, as well as in commission, or positive transgression." ~ Noah Webster