What War in Afghanistan?


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Funny thing -- well, not so funny maybe; I was just today talking to my Dad about the noticeable absence of any mention of any of our wars in any presidential speech or ads that I've seen or read or listened to. They don't mention Bradley Manning or Julian Assange or the UK's threat to storm the Ecuadorian embassy, either. But "legitimate rape" -- now, THERE'S a topic worthy of discussion, right?

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Rita, I have lost most remaining political faith over the past two weeks. I've decided that it's time to rip off the bandaid, and admit that I'm a full on ancap.

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Greetings Rita,
Perceptive observation. Why are Americans not interested in the war? Possibly because Americans are fighting a war here as well, a war of economics; aint got two pennys to rub together. When you loose all monitary resources and facing homelessness the Afgan war seems rather small, especially when [o]bama is doing all he can to make us a third world country. As for political faith, I can't remember the last time I had faith in it. I vote, only out of hope. Hope is all I have left. Futile? Maybe. Maybe not.

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The US has been at war with its own citizens for over 40 years -- another untouchable topic, apparently. That said, it's probably just as well I'm not allowed to vote. The only thing Romney has over Obama is that Romney hasn't yet presided over the remote-control murder of children. The only thing Obama has over Romney is that Joe Biden is slightly less offensive than Paul Ryan. Both candidates are an affront human beings everywhere.

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I must conceed that Romney is not my most favorite pick but from other sources in plethoria I view [o]bama as a destroyer of America--he has no American history but sees it through a world (global0 perspective as having gotten too much through coersion, theft, and other adjectives. His progrom is to make America pay for all its misdeeds. When you view the people he draws around himself, and the people whom are "his" friends it is scarry as hell. I don't believe either are an affront to humans everywhere. They are two people with two different agendas, [o]bama to destroy America, Romney to ???
Anyway. I was under the impression that this sight was not suppose to be political.

By the way, I believe the government has been at war with its citizens since Washington. Consider the whiskey rebellion. A militia sent out to enforce no bootleggers.