What's Really Going on in Haiti?


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Baldwin is a kook.

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Anyone else think that STR is going downhill?

-I initially thought the Drupal interface was going to be an improvement, but after a month I find that I really don't capice the new structure at all. Just for one example, an article title is a link to comments on that article, but to link to the article itself you click on the word "Link" after the title? Huh? I have 35 years in IT and believe me I've seen some counter-intuitive UI stuff, but c'mon...

-I saw an article linked to from here last week attempting to exonerate that infamous festering fuckstick John Yoo. It wasn't sarcasm or linked to to discredit it either, I tried to make it come into focus that way, but no joy. WTF was that despicable douchebaggery about? If I feel like vomiting, I can find plenty of articles by neocon apologists elsewhere, thankyouverymuch.

-And now I see that we no longer get synopses of articles linked to on other domains? I can't be the only one who browses here via some secure channel that is somewhat, ah, s-l-o-w, and I really like to have some sense of what an article is about before I commit to watch paint dry, i mean a page load.

I used to really value coming here, but lately, between the strangeness of the new facade, and the recent equally strange behavior by the editors, I just dunno...

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Hi Abolitionist,

Thank you for your constructive feedback. Switching STR and its 8+ years of content to a new platform while continuing to publish a new edition every day was a massive and complex undertaking by a number of different people, only one of whom was paid (at not very much at that). I think it's a miracle that it turned out so well. We are still working out the bugs and trying to make improvements. Much of the progress depends on how much free time I have, and at this point in my life, I am extremely busy. STR would not be possible without the help of the guest editors, all of whom volunteer copious amounts of their time so that people like you can come to a site and read content that interests them. I do not necessarily agree with everything they link to; frankly, I don't have time to vet everything they link to, and I trust their judgement. Sometimes guest editors don't include a synopses of some or all of their links, probably because they are pressed for time. If that bothers you, you are welcome to volunteer your time as a guest editor and see just what is involved to bring content to you for free.

We are going to change the links back to the way they originally were. Until now, I was not aware that Drupal could do it that way. Again, thank you for the feedback.

You mention that this article http://amconmag.com/article/2010/feb/01/00045/ which a guest editor linked to attempted to exonerate John Yoo. Did you read the article? It does the opposite. And for years, STR has linked to numerous articles that were extremely critical of Yoo. But I am very sorry that you did not approve of this article. Should I send you the links each night so you can personally approve each one?

I appreciate the feedback, but what have you done to help make STR better?

All the best,