Why Gas Prices Are Actually Falling


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Too bad my car don't run on gold.

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Over 60 years ago an aunt, long deceased now, gave me a silver dollar. I still have that 1921 Morgan in a special purse to keep it from wearing out. I carry it every day.

In the early 50's in Texas I could buy around 10 gallons of gasoline with a silver dollar. In fact the very first "self-service" gas station I remember was a Momma/Poppa station on Old Hwy 90 (long before Interstate 10) outside San Antonio -- Pop repaired and serviced cars & trucks, Mom exchanged paper "money" (still "silver certificates" before predators of state ended that) for silver dollars.

Drop a silver dollar into the pump, you got around 10 gallons of gas. Today spot silver is a little over 35 government notes of debt ("frn"), you can still get almost 10 gallons (some days more, some days less) for the value of a silver dollar.