Why Genes are Leftwing


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So if something like income distribution affects overall depression rates, that automatically justifies government forced distribution? As usual, the ends justifies the means...

I take this a different way. It seems to show that we are not biological slaves who are victims to nature in need of government force to balance nature's cruel "unfairness" and thus, I think Genes are leaning Libertarian.

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From the article: "Instead, the Human Genome Project is rapidly providing a scientific basis for the political left. Childhood maltreatment, economic inequality and excessive materialism seem the main determinants of mental illness. State-sponsored interventions, like reduced inequality, are the most likely solutions."

Talk about a non-sequitur! He's assuming the environment was better in Stalinist Russia! What an idiot. Yeah, having your "betters" plan out your entire life for you, what a great recipe to eliminate depression.

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This is good news. We are not victims of cruel nature. And so we need the State even less. I have seen troubled people transform themselves through creative enterprise. Their successes built confidence and self-esteem that banished anxiety and depression.

The "developed world" is rife with personality disorders, like depression, because most people derive their self-esteem from thoughtless consumerism and jumping through hoops to receive education certificates that prove only that they have completed a curriculum that is thin gruel compared to the richness of the real human enterprise.