Why Isn’t the Murder of an American Boy an Impeachable Offense?


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I do, I do, I do have to agree. Common sense under common language tells you these were pure murders regardless what lable you try to tatoo on it. What amazes me is why people of this nation tolerate this. Articale 1, Section 3 of the law of the land states "The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments, etc. That is the exact reason [o]bama is not being impeached for the multitude of crimes, murders and misdimeanors he has committed over the years. Not one Senator or Representative or other agent has the intestitude to bring charges.
My question is since Mr. Hornburger has all the information must know where to get the evidence maybe dosen't file charges against the president.
You have to know that there are many legislators who know exactly what is going on, but they will not lift a finger to get rid of this maggot.

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Good question Glock.

Why do we tolerate this depravity? 

I believe it is because most folks living within the US have been rendered defective and incapable of performing the moral-calculus required to see through the thinly veiled lies of the state.

The moral-defectivness is a direct by-product of government-education and indifferent parents where children are taught what to think rather than how to think at "school" with the "lessons" being reinforced at home.

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This is my view exactly, but I am not certain that it was an original government intent, they just stumbled upon it and took advantage of it. There was something I vaguely remember from Nixon years about control of education and dumbing down the students, then years ago my wife worked at the Local University where professor complaints were that the book companies were dumbing down the texts. I am a product of this and it is why I am having a difficult time grasping the constitution as I re read it for the 20 of 30th time, I am making notes and asking questions in the margins (actualy on 'one not') f windows 7. I spentmore time in Bill Of Righs and failed to see in the Articles where the senate and house and president can f**k with the bill of rights.
We become what we are told we are through a process of hearing it over and over until we start believing it and be wecome it. I have come to want documentation of what is said unless it is general dialogue. Some posters here drop blue stuff on their posts and I am deeply greatful for that as it helps me understand much better what they are saying and I know they are not making it up.