Why Shouldn't Three People Get Married?


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Because the so-called "Christians" who run this country would rather put us all in prison than allow even the slightest degree of personal freedom?

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As Thomas Pynchon is quoted as having observed:

    "If they can keep you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers."

The question isn't how many people fit on the bed. It's why do folks insist upon looking to that group of parasites and predators yoked into what they call "government" to sanctify "marriage"?


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Yes indeed Sam. Well said.

Like critical thinking, protection of individual sovereignty is **hard work**. Your refusal is the foundational stamp of individual liberty. It is the state’s primary job to ensure that you never practice or acknowledge that. Think about it, if you can simply refuse to comply with anything you suppose violates your self-ownership, the government would not have a leg to stand on, therefore they move heaven and earth not only to guarantee your compliance but to condition a willingness on your part to not only embrace evil but endorse it in all its bejeweled and patriotic awful beauty.

The state is very savvy when it comes to the manipulation of convenience in the service of slavery. There are ways to poach people’s time **in a fashion to influence their selection of state means** versus private means. It is much easier to go through the porno-scanner instead of submit to a grope and be threatened with missing one’s plane unless you and yours submit to sexual assault. It is much easier to get the government library card and have your internet usage monitored and recorded than finding a wireless system available that has even a modicum of privacy. It is much easier to go to the grocery to purchase FDA approved death food than sneaking around to procure raw milk or fresh vegetables without a government stamp of approval. It is much easier to pay for your local property tax that funds the government schools that are quite literally churning out huge populations of unreflective and shambling drones whose sole notion of reality is largely electronic and virtual. It is much easier to present your “government issued” ID than dare to defy the authorities by refusal.

Imperial Conditioning and the American State by Bill Buppert


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I still catch myself using what down at AA we call "the easier, softer way". But as the truth unfolds (as you've presented it with the quote from Bill's essay) I escape more and more of those traps.

I got waylaid by non-governmental robbers pulling into a truck stop last month. In thinking it over (after recovering from minor bodily and major pride injury) I'm thankful to those bastards for helping me solve a quandary. My government CDL was due for renewal this December and I've been weighing not renewing it and fully retiring from the trucking business. My customers "require" I have CDL and "all applicable papers" to operate their equipment and pull their trailers.

Free market thieves freed me from the DOT neer-do-wells.

Support the free market.