WikiLeaks Defector Blasts Assange in Book


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Let's see now, isn't Daniel Domscheit-Berg, or is it Daniel Schmitt, former member of the Chaos Computer Club, the one who opened OpenLeaks in competition with Julian Assange's WikiLeaks? Oh, well, I'm sure that that has nothing whatsoever to do with this PERSON attacking the messenger (Julian Assange) instead of the messages (the leaks from the "paranoid, power-hungry, megalomaniac" ruling elite). Is it possible that Daniel Domscheit-Berg is just another Jean-Bernard Condat?

And, lastly, I'm curious, if WikiLeaks is "the World's Most Dangerous Website", is OpenLeaks going to be "the World's 2nd Most Dangerous Website"?

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From the article: 'WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange went from being "imaginative, energetic (and) brilliant" to a "paranoid, power-hungry, megalomaniac," a former colleague charges in a new book out Thursday.'

Huh. He started out being imaginative, energetic and brilliant? And somehow that disappeared from his personality? Or did it only disappear from Domscheit-Berg's perception of Assange?

And heaven forbid that someone challenging the most powerful governments (that is, violent gangs) on earth should become paranoid!

Just a personal conflict, looks like. And D-B wants to branch out and do a better job. More power to him on that; competition never hurt any human effort worth doing. But the personal attacks do not reflect well on him.