Will the Last Capitalist Please Turn Off the Lights When You Leave


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Capitalism is Collectivist Social Engineering that destroys Non-State lifeways.

American Capitalism has COLLECTIVELY:

1. Forms governments to kill off Non-State natural inhabitants
2. Aggressively invades and occupies the Land
3. Collectively builds mass systems of roads
4. Collectively builds mass systems of drainage systems
5. Collectively builds mass systems of irrigation projects.

And then, the mooching TAKERS divvy up the loot amongst themselves, and call it...

"Private" Property.

Even Ayn Rand let it slip that the invasion and occupation was a violent TAKING of land.

"[The Native Americans] didn't have any rights to the land ... Any white person who brought the element of civilization had the right to TAKE over this continent." ~Ayn Rand, US Military Academy at West Point, March 6, 1974

Read that again: The RIGHT. To TAKE.

Wow, some honesty, finally! And there you have Capitalism, in plain words, un-whitewashed.

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Well said WI/ and yes agreed...what I have realized with time is that all forms of state regardless their name are the same in the end. And all forms of state based "philosophy" i.e. capitalism, etc., tend to be the same.

I would that we had the classic "free market" and were simply voluntaryist/individuals- nothing more.

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Repeat comment

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This reminds me of a truth learned sometime before. That i'am pleased to share.

"What, hast thou come to see how Antichrist tortures men? There, look, he has locked them up in a cage, a whole army of them. Men should eat bread in the sweat of their brow. And he has locked them up with no work to do, and feeds them like swine, so that they should turn into beasts."

"What is he saying?" asked the Englishman.

Nekhludoff told him the old man was blaming the inspector for keeping men imprisoned.

"Ask him how he thinks one should treat those who do not keep to the laws," said the Englishman.

Nekhludoff translated the question. The old man laughed in a strange manner, showing his teeth.

"The laws?" he repeated with contempt. "He first robbed everybody, took all the earth, all the rights away from men, killed all those who were against him, and then wrote laws, forbidding robbery and murder. He should have written these laws before."

Nekhludoff translated. The Englishman smiled. "Well anyhow, ask him how one should treat thieves and murderers at present?"

Nekhludoff again translated his question.

"Tell him he should take the seal of Antichrist off himself," the old man said, frowning severely; "then there will be no thieves and murderers. Tell him so."