Would Conscription Curb U.S. Militarism?


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Because it worked so well to end the Vietnam conflict?

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The draft will end the wars only when the first people drafted are the war-mongers themselves. Kings and princes of old led their armies into battle. Since O-bomb-ya has declared himself emperor in all but name, require that he, his inner circle and the CEO's of his corporate sponsors lead the charge.

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Wouldn't that be lovely. He is too Chicken S**t. He sends his minions out daily to be slaughtered while that maggot stays fluffed up on his pillows is is waited on hand and foot. I sincerely and deeply hope that I am wrong but I feel and believe we are going to be faced with another huge Civil Disobediance.
The Constitution is our only defense at this point and not a very strong one, plus it is a word people here don't like so far we have something like 27 states crafting legislations against federal gun ban bills, and 4 that have passed the bills already. There must be something close to 65 manufactures of arms and ammunitions who are withdrawing their selling to any state and government as long as anti gun laws remain on the books. It is not much but it is a start. If I knew hw to link up to the site I would, but I don't know how to do that.