'Zero Dark Thirty' Is Bin Laden's Last Victory


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I think Matt Taibbi is jealous.
I do not believe he named one movie I ever watched except Star Wars and maybe one other. I always thought a movie review was a review. Either it is a lousy film to go and see or it is a good film to go see not a political venue. If it’s, politics he wants to write then write politics not movie reviews.
I have no intention of going to see it. Mostly I just cannot go to the movies because I cannot understand a word they say. What they say is more valuable than the action they are portraying. My hearing aids only make things loud, there is no clarity of voice, even under normal circumstances it is difficult to understand what people are saying. Now I do not have the most expensive set—these are remote controlled beyond that they are no better than what I have.
I think Matt Taibbi needs to figure out what he wants to write, and obviously it is not movie reviews.