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I have read any number of news items that have almost induced me to write the last few weeks, but others were saying what I was thinking in a far better manner, so I read and learned and read some more.

Today, I caught a small AP newsblurb that just sort of hit some hidden button within, and while it seems small and insignificant in comparison to the enormity of present world events and dangers, I realized it was also symptomatic of those same events and dangers.

Contrast and compare . . . .

In the 1930s, the University of Iowa commissioned a study in which orphaned children were induced to stutter. Being of little worth to most anyone, they were ideal subjects for "experiments." The three who are still alive have petitioned the state for redress, and the state's response? Go read it for yourself.

Flash forward some 70 years. The leader of the most powerful and prosperous nation in the history of the world, determines necessary a certain course of action that has thus far deprived over 6,000 innocent people of their lives, created yet many more uncounted orphans, and also, cost the lives of over 200 of the leader's fellow countrymen. The excuse was some vacuous term--"weapons of mass destruction." The overall cause? It was well-put by another writer . . . "the War on the Mysterious Force of the Ages."

But the gist of that column was--Dubya has taken on the Devil and thinks he is gonna win--i.e., America will defeat EVIL.

Having a fair grasp, I believe, of orthodox theological concepts, I laughed out loud the first time I heard we were going to defeat the forces of evil in the world. True, I am unabashedly a Christian, and so some might say my view is slanted. But folks of every persuasion, from mine to convicted atheist, understand the existence of evil, and that whomever the ultimate source might be, evil, like charity, begins at home.

In me. Within the individual.

M. Scott Peck, in his book "People of the Lie" also saw this truth. He spoke of how everyone wants to be rid of evil, but they miss the mark, because they spend all their time trying to rid their neighbor of their evil, while they fail to address the evil within themselves.

I know Jesus is not popular these days, but He did have some rather pithy sayings that often pull us up quite short in our personal thinking. If He will forgive my paraphrasing of one of His famous utterances for the sake of journalistic license . . . .

"Remove the lumber industry from your own eye before your attempt to pick the speck out of your neighbor's eye."


Three aged individuals who were used as guinea pigs and spent a lifetime stuttering, have petitioned the state of Iowa for redress. The state is "stepping and a fetching" to avoid its own evil in the results.

Some 6,000 Iraqi's and 200 young Americans are dead--room temperature--because millionaire politicians think that they can beat the devil by waging war over imaginary reasons and causes, and as they are found out, as recent headlines have shown, they simply make excuses and exclude themselves from culpability for their actions.

In both cases, government takes total advantage of the disadvantaged (anyone under their thumb), and when caught in the act, disavows any responsibility. That IS how government works.

If Dubya is serious about ridding the world of "evil" and wishes for America to continue to be the beacon of light for the rest of the world, let him go down as the man who truly began trying to defeat evil. Let him begin to dismantle the monstrosity of the government.

Government is not merely evil, but the worst WMD of all.

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