Arnold for President


Not really, of course. He is a moderate Republican with ties way too close to Camelot.

In my lifetime I have endured as president(s) (The older I get the more I understand the term "endured") . . . a war general; a PT boat commander with a perpetual hard-on; a Texas opportunist whose lies created Vietnam; a ski-sloped nosed opportunist who exemplified the inability of the Executive Office to tell the truth; Jerry, who pardoned the dude with the nose; A peanut farmer who should have tried to put his "nuculah" submarine experience to trial in shelling peanuts; a Hollywood actor who did try, a CIA agent who didn't try, a philanderer addicted to oral sex, and a not-quite-recovered cocaine addict.

What a line-up!

Hell--Gray Davis looks pretty good by comparison! Arnold fills out a suit even better!!

Sorry, my tongue is welded to my cheek.

The idiocy that is called government should be, this week of all weeks, evident to all. Even atheists have to be wondering . . .

"How in God's name can people be so dumb?"

Malachi Martin, in his tome, "The Keys of This Blood," had a very interesting section about an Italian socialist named Gramsci, who proleptically stated that if society would satisfy the basic wants and needs of the individual (which America has done), you could drop whatever form of government upon them after that, and they would accept it.

Hard to argue with that estimation, as one views the landscape in August, 2003.

We are watching "constitutional rights" (read that--inherent rights) go flushing down the john under John Ashcroft. But all he is doing is finishing the work of Congress, who steals untold gazzilions from us with our permission--and we even vote the sons of a gun into office so they can do it. And they do.

We have an executive branch that since Lincoln, has simply expected American families to sacrifice sons (and now daughters) to whatever expansionist scheme they think will get them re-elected.

Fortunately, I have kept both of my sons out of the military. I served three decades ago--I know the mentality that exists in the military, and while that mentality serves the military, it does not serve humanity. It is a death culture, and there is no explanation beyond that fact.

I have a friend who took two bullets in Vietnam. That, and a buck will get him a cup of coffee. Impressive. He thinks he is owed something for it all. I try to give him clues as to reality, but he believes in the good ole USA.

Oh, yeah . . . Arnold for President.

Flex the bi's, tri's, and quad's . . . Anyone who imagines government will magically disappear, also imagines that Viet Vets or Gulf Vets will really get their just due, and that taxes will really go down, and that GWB is somehow better than the blowjob freak that preceded him.

Gibbons would re-write his "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," if only could he only see America, circa 2003.

It is no longer "if," but merely "when."

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