New American Empire: Before the Fall

This is an attempt to peer into the future over the next 70 years, developed over several weeks in April 2003 in collaboration with JCN, who provided valuable insights into the EU dimension. It presents a very condensed version of an enjoyable series of extended online discussions.

'Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before the fall.' ~ Proverbs 16:18


Operation Iraqi Freedom ' the preemptive invasion of a third-rate nation run by a fourth-rate dictator who posed no threat to his neighbors, let alone the world's only superpower ' marks the rise of the New American Empire (NAE).

While the Perpetual War Party of the current regime ' Republicans, conservatives, neocons, purported patriots, oil barons, and PNAC signers ' struts, puffs and points fingers at American anti-war forces, the rest of the world sees this nation in a decidedly different light. If only it were for the better, but it's not. The inevitable fall of the NAE will take tens of decades, but it cannot be stopped, nor will it be.


To attempt to forecast the future it often helps to understand at least some of the reasons how we came to be where we are today. For the purpose of this piece, I will start with another watershed event in the history of this nation, the 16th Amendment. This little gem (only 30 words) was ratified on February 3, 1913. It has been all downhill since then.

The 16th Amendment marked the end of our constitutional republic, the rise of a de facto democratic welfare/warfare State, and effectively repealed the 13th Amendment, which outlawed slavery in America. Even medieval serfs only forfeited 33% of their incomes, yet the average American taxpayer now forks over 40% or more of their gross to the King and his minions. Indentured servitude by any other name is still slavery.

The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 to centralize national banking and allow management of the gold standard with an elastic currency. Then, when FDR confiscated the nation's gold in 1933, all the conditions necessary to get us where we are today were in place. It just took us another 70 years to get here. The end result: the NAE, with a large standing global army, perpetual war, and nonstop plundering of private wealth by agents of the State ' the Fed and the IRS.

Daniel Webster was correct, 'An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, the power to destroy.' With the additional taxes imposed by the Fed ' inflation and the creation of currency out of thin air ' the State achieved unlimited power: the ability to create 'money' out of nothing and spend it like there is no tomorrow because the taxpayers' children will be forced to pick up the tab with further-inflated 'dollars' that are backed by nothing but future tax revenue.

The Players

NAE ' Current leadership is comprised of behind-the-scenes movers and shakers, including the PNAC crowd in power in D.C. Its goals are clearly spelled out: world domination as the sole superpower, global hegemony, big stick diplomacy, perpetual war, advancing 'American interests' abroad (read oil), regime change, nation building, making the world safe for democracy. NAE doctrine dictates that preemptive strikes are no longer forbidden; they are necessary and desirable in order to achieve the desired effects abroad. The NAE's power will peak around 2073.

U.S. military ' The power projection arm of the NAE. Has almost unlimited funding and authorization to go anywhere at anytime to do anything, as deemed necessary by the powers that be. Today that includes SOCOM planning and executing its own special operations missions outside the chain of command, independent of the major theater commanders, with the ability to call for support from theater conventional forces.

UK ' Former steadfast ally of the United States. Soon to be assimilated by the EU. Currently vacillating between supporting the NAE or joining the EU and adopting the euro as its standard currency.

EU ' An uncomfortable alliance of socialist States, all of which resent the NAE and its ability to act unilaterally on the world stage. Fears the NAE for its power, but respects its ability to generate tax revenue and redistribute it as foreign aid around the globe. Rising nationalism and rampant immigration from third world countries will doom the EU.

UN ' An expensive debating society whose days are numbered. The only real power resided in the Security Council, but that too is history because the NAE will never again allow a veto to stand in its way.

New NGO ' The inevitable replacement for the UN. Will include two fundamental changes: global taxing authority and no vetoes. The global taxing authority is necessary to fund the NWO and its enforcement arm, comprised largely of U.S. troops. The U.S. will supply much of the funding, arms, and logistics to 'enforce the peace.'

NWO ' As the NAE intends: U.S. as sole superpower. As the EU intends: U.S. to be assimilated like the UK, but it will not happen. Instead, the EU will crumble.

North Korea ' A short-term problem that will be resolved soon through actions taken by the NAE and China. Not a long-term threat to the NAE.

China ' The next pretender to the throne. The only nation currently positioned to rise up based on its large manpower pool, strong currency, and movement towards capitalism and away from communism, large military forces, nuclear capability, and huge market awaiting development. Can afford to bide its time, waiting for the proper moment.

Eastern Europe ' Willing accomplices for the NAE. Useful for forward U.S. military bases to allow power projection without maintaining a large presence in Arab nations or Old Europe. Will allow the NAE to thumb its nose at the EU while taking unilateral action around the globe. Foreign aid will work wonders here, unlike in Turkey recently.

The Non-Players

Germany, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Africa, South America, Canada, and almost every other nation not already listed. Also NATO and Eufor.

The Targets

Iran, France, Syria, Pakistan, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Philippines, etc. The next most likely target is Iran, with France running a close second, at least diplomatically and economically, if not militarily.

Useful Idiots

George W. Bush ' The stooge of the PNAC crowd. An historical anomaly: an exceedingly na've and ignorant leader placed in charge of the most powerful military force in the history of the world. Easily manipulated by his handlers and heavily influenced by those around him who are pushing the NAE, especially the almost invisible Vice President Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld, the most visible and vocal proponent of transforming the U.S. military to a lighter, more mobile force capable of doing exactly what the NAE wants: waging perpetual war against radical Muslim forces worldwide.

Terrorists ' Radical fundamentalists who have more RPGs than brains. Ruled by ideology, they are perfect for attacking the NAE using asymmetrical warfare, including WMDs. Cheap, expendable, readily available, willing, and ruthless.

U.S. taxpayers ' The sheeple who will pay for it all. They will wave flags, work three jobs, and vote for more of the same.

The Tools

Eufor ' The future enforcement arm of the NWO, as envisioned by the EU, but it will fail. Mostly wishful thinking, it is similar to NATO's Standing Naval Force (SNF).

Euro ' The next world standard for currency, as envisioned by many nations already.

U.S. military ' The enforcement arm of the NAE and the NWO. Will return to the draft within the decade. In Iraq, the Army's new Stryker brigades missed the war, but next time they will be the first to go.

U.S. dollar ' The current world standard currency. Will be replaced by the euro over the next 70 years. Historically seen as a stable currency in times of distress, but no longer the case.

The draft ' Will return within the decade. The NAE will need legions of short-term conscripts who will be paid next to nothing while taking care of business around the world. Civil affairs units and MPs will figure heavily in this mix, as will truck drivers and other logistics types necessary to support rapidly moving mobile forces.

WMDs ' That which will enable the terrorists to take on the NAE and provide the justification for waging perpetual war around the world. Although this hasn't happened yet, it will only take one or two WMD strikes in the U.S. of sufficient magnitude to make this a reality. The sheeple will then scream for 'more security' and even higher taxes to pay for it. 9-11 was just a taste of things to come.

The Winners (2073)

Israel, Eastern Europe, the NAE, and China. The NAE will be at its peak in terms of power. Until then no credible threat will exist in the world. China will be rising, biding its time, waiting for the inevitable opportunity to challenge the world's only superpower.

The Losers (2073)

American taxpayers, radical Muslims, terrorists, every nation the NAE strikes or invades, the UK, the EU, many thousands of innocent men, women, and children, and any nation with large reserves of oil. The NAE will need plenty of oil for its perpetual war against terror. The EU will have self-destructed due to its member nations having nothing in common, other than the euro. Hundreds of years of wars, lingering grudges, rising nationalism, and rampant immigration doom the EU, even without its staggering socialism.

The Wildcards (2073)

Russia, India, and Latin America.

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