The 3rd Act of the 1913 Revolution


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    "...Getting power out of Washington and into the hands of the people and local governments will move 'us' toward re-establishing what the Framers of the Constitution sought to create: a nation of liberty. Repealing the 17th Amendment is a step in that direction..."

Once one allows the term "power" into his or her vocabulary, s/he's no longer thinking in terms of liberty and freedom. Her mindset is locked in serfdom.

I mean, where is "Washington"??? And where are "...the hands of the people..."??? How local is local??? Just what, exactly, are you talking about when you say "'the'-Constitution..."??? And who is the "us" that are going to do the re-establishing???

If "it" was once established, what happened, and why is "it" so egregious that "it" needs to be "re-established"???

Anarchy is simple, and it's free. Sam

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The author I'm sure understands your point. He is an ancap as well.

At the same time that we abide by our principles, it is useful to understand how we got here.

Also, the 17th isn't something people think about. IMO it's useful to show people who are libertarian leaning or minarchist that every thing the State does, no matter how "democratic" sounding, perverts liberty.

I get your gut reaction to "school the minarchist" or the person who has the gall to discuss these kinds of "solutions", since they aren't solutions at all. The State doesn't regulate itself or limit its own power. 

Again, it's an intellectual exercise. One could criticize Ron Paul and the "End the Fed" crowd for the same reasons.