Government Prisons Help the Jewish Holocaust Story

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January 1, 2007

Good news for the enemies of free speech and free thought: prison helps smash unacceptable ideas! A recent study by the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies says that the arrests and imprisonment in 2006 of those who dare question the sacred dogma of the Holocaust (not the Ukrainian Holocaust, or the Chinese Holocaust or any Holocaust other than the Jewish Holocaust, the only really important one) has curbed criticism of this sacred cow.

Any credibility the story of the Jewish Holocaust may have had is gone. It was destroyed with the arrest and imprisonment of the first Jewish Holocaust doubter. How can they expect anyone to believe them as they tell their tales of the Holocaust when we know that people who openly disagree with them will be put in a government prison? If what they say about the National Socialists gassing and killing six million Jews was true, they would not put people in prison for openly doubting it. Instead, they would invite them to hold a public open debate to demonstrate the truth of what they're saying. But when they lock people up for denying the story of the Jewish Holocaust they lose any and all credibility they may have had.

The study also noted that the early release of the primary doubter of the Jewish Holocaust, David Irving will probably strengthen the dissenters. David Irving won an appeal and was released after serving one year of his three year sentence. However, there are two other high profile doubters still in prison, Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf.

Only falsehoods require government prisons to back them up. For example, the Inquisition. When Bruno said the Church and the Bible were wrong by placing the Earth at the center of the Universe, the Church could not debate him because he was right and they were wrong. So, they arrested him and then ripped his tongue out and burned him alive. Case closed, or so they thought.

Then came Galileo who said virtually the same thing as Bruno. They arrested him and tried him for being a heretic, a doubter. He didn't have as strong a will as Bruno, so he copped a plea as David Irving attempted to do. Galileo said the Church and the Bible were right, the Earth is the center of the Universe. This pleased those in authority and they decided not to rip his tongue out and burn him alive. Instead, they just gave him house arrest for the rest of his life. Again, the authorities thought they'd taken care of the threat to their power and wrong ideas but they were mistaken. Eventually truth won out because people refused to submit themselves to the ignorant. The truth NEVER goes away. It can only be covered up with scriptural dogma, political dogma, and academic dogma. Eventually, the truth will be uncovered.

Where is the media regarding this basic issue of free thought and free speech? Why isn't the media blasting the governments of Germany and Austria for locking people up for their ideas and speech? After all, isn't that why we fought WW II, for 'freedom'? Freedom to think and to say anything you want? That's what the story books/ history books teach our kids. The media should be all over this!

This blind acceptance of anything Jewish is a mistake. Just because the book they wrote, the Bible, says they are 'above all people on the face of the Earth' (Deut. 7:6) doesn't make it so. They are not above being honestly questioned.

The most recent example of the fear of Israel and the willingness of politicians to put the Jews and Israel above all people on the face of the Earth exhibited by the US government is happening right now. Israel agreed not to build anymore Jewish settlements on Palestinian land. But now they are building a new settlement on Palestinian land in the West Bank.

What is the American reaction to this violation of the 'road map to peace'? Virtually nothing! A US spokesman said the US still is against new settlements and they urge both parties to stick to the agreed upon plan. Will the US withhold any of the BILLIONS of US tax dollars it gives to the Jewish state EVERY year? No. When the US government gives Israel a blank check and turns a blind eye to their expansion on to Palestinian land, the government needs to be openly questioned and challenged. It is this unreasonable and unnatural blind unquestioning support for Israel that brought about 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan. You'd think there would be families of dead military personnel taking to the streets to stop this madness, especially since the number of Americans killed in Iraq is quickly approaching 3,000. Their silence is deadly!

Uncovering the truth and breaking from erroneous behavior is rarely easy and usually leads through prisons and much pain, as the Inquisition proves. However, if enough people use their energy and independent thought, the truth will prevail. It's up to us. And we must remember the truth of the quote, 'Sacred cows make great hamburger!'

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