Did the War Party Kill Chandra Levy?

Gary Condit sues tabloids for $209 million'recent CNN news item

It was the Black Dahlia Case without the nude body. But unlike that sensational and still unsolved Hollywood murder case, the unsolved Chandra Levy case probably has more sinister undertones than we shall ever be permitted to know.

Gary Condit never killed Chandra Levy. Something bigger than both of them killed her. One year after Chandra Levy disappeared in April 2001, a dog walker found Levy's remains in Rock Creek Park. In May 2002 her body appeared in an area that had been thoroughly searched by dozens of police cadets. No one has been charged in her death.

This week, former congressman Gary Condit sued three supermarket tabloids for $209 million, claiming they defamed him by printing articles suggesting he killed Washington intern Chandra Levy. The stories appeared in The National Enquirer, The Globe and The Star. These stories, which appeared in the hazy, crazy days of summer just before the World Trade Center attack, mesmerized America as only sleaze can and portrayed Condit as a murderer and sexual deviant. He lost his bid for reelection in California.

Conveniently, the MOST important aspect of the Chandra Levy murder case was almost NEVER MENTIONED. Not the fact that Chandra Levy and Congressman Condit were having a torrid affair. No, the unreported story is deeper and darker and perhaps too strong for official sanction. One tabloid story, which may hint at the truth, and that Condit took offense to was entitled: "Condit's Goons Killed Pregnant Chandra." When former politico Condit filed his mega-million dollar lawsuit against the tabloids, American Media--the umbrella group of the tabloids--responded: "We fully stand behind the editorial integrity of what we have published and we vigorously defend any suit filed by Mr. Condit." Either the Congressman is bluffing or the tabloids have some bombshell waiting to be unveiled. Probably the case will be settled out of court and We The People will never know about the motive behind one more fissure in the edifice of our crumbling Republic.

"Is it a coincidence that Gary Condit's sweetheart goes missing just before the terrorist attack of September 11th 2001?" asks Canadian weblog columnist A.Longson, of I-Spy-Online in a story entitled, "Is Gary Condit Intelligence Committee Seat Connected To The Vanishing And Probable Murder Of Chandra Levy?" Obviously inquiring minds want to know but only in Canada and NOT in Washington DC. Adds Longson: "Does the fact that Chandra Levy was Jewish and had recently returned from a trip to the Middle East have some connection? Is it possible that Condit did not kill Chandra but indeed did know what happened to her? And if he did know is it any wonder he refuses to talk?"

Levy, 24, vanished from her apartment in the Spring of 2001. Her credit cards, driver's license and airline tickets were all neatly arranged. Obviously someone knew she was leaving and that someone was not about to let that happen. Her aunt said she had been conducting an affair with the married congressman. After many interviews, police said Condit was not a suspect. Most people simply wondered if Condit, a six-term Democratic representative from California, had gotten away with the perfect crime, seducing an innocent, wide-eyed intern, before jilting and then murdering her. According to the Mainstream American press--tabloid in nature and timid by character'the public only wanted to know if Condit killed Chandra. All that summer of 2001, the fixation danced around the truth, as evident by these headlines.

Condit Passes Polygraph He Paid For'Washington Times, July 14

Levy Looked Up Map Of A Rock Creek Site--Washington Post, July 15

Police See Nothing To Link Missing Intern--New York Times, July 16

Park Searches Yield No Clues About Levy's Whereabouts--CNN, July 17

Chandra Searchers Find Tennis Shoes In Washington Park'FOX, July 17

FBI Dismisses Condit Polygraph Results--The New York Times, July 19

Nowhere mentioned was The Condit Intelligence connection.

In the true X-Files tradition of bumbling agents Skully and Muldar, the FBI tossed agent Bradley Garrett into the Chandra Levy case. Garrett was also the gumshoe in charge of the Mary Mahoney murder investigation as well as the Vince Foster "suicide". Like Levy, Mahoney was a DC intern who knew too much. Some time after announcing to friends she intended to expose the Clinton White House "sexcesses" Mary and two co-workers were gunned down, execution style with silenced pistols, in a trendy Georgetown Starbucks where the three of them worked. Predictably the "Fibbees" rounded up a sap, a small time loser with a rap sheet, Carl Cooper, and questioned him for 54 hours straight and pinned the Mahoney crime on him. Cooper later recanted his "confession". Now Garrett was assigned to find the missing links in the Levy affair.

Very likely, Gary Condit never killed Chandra Levy. Something bigger than both of them probably killed her. Yet what was the ONE thing that the mainstream media almost NEVER MENTIONED? Condit worked in Intelligence and perhaps Chandra knew too much, which information Condit may have unwisely passed to shadowy people in power, who removed a person perceived as a threat to Condit or to their own hold on power. Also likely that Condit was told to keep his mouth shut or the same thing would happen to him.

According to TV talk show host and noted muckraker, Sherman Skolnick, www.skolnicksreport.com Levy may have been an intelligence agent. As farfetched as it seems, Skolnick theorizes Levy may have worked as an unofficial double agent for Mossad. Whether for political blackmail or cultural loyalty by Levy, whether this is all wild conjecture by Skolnick or not, Washington DC--like Alice's Wonderland--is never what it appears to be, with shifting loyalties and undercurrents of deception. Gary Condit, Democrat Congressman, was indeed a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on INTELLIGENCE and therein lies a clue, ignored by the watchdogs of our so-called "free" press.

"Some stories remain incomplete. Sometimes for months. Sometimes for years," says Skolnick. "We are NOT conspiracy theorists. (But) did Ms Levy, using her position in the key place in the Federal Bureau of Prisons apparatus, unearth details tending to incriminate George Herbert Walker Bush and his son George W among others? Ms. Levy was inquiring into a great little-mentioned secret. That is, the disappearance, reportedly, from the US prison system of Carlos Enrique Ledher Rivas. Ledher was the co-founder of the Medellin Dope Cartel in Columbia. He became a key witness in the dope trial against Panama strongman Manuel Noriega who had been seized by the Elder Bush as President and his Military/CIA." Skolnick theorizes that Levy found out something that endangered her life, some awful truth that the war party could not allow to surface.

Investigative reporter Jim Rarey of www.konformist.com stated in "CHANDRA, JOYCE AND MARY'R.I.P", a story referring to an unsettling number of conscientious DC interns turning up missing or dead, "As scandal after scandal swirled around them, they may have become privy to information that made them dangerous to powerful people."

Like activist Skolnick, reporter Rarey believes Chandra Levy may have unearthed some information through her research work at the Bureau of Prisons that terrified either Condit or people more powerful than a mere Congressman. Hence her Soviet-style "disappearance." Was Chandra's death caused by a lover's quarrel or sexual blackmail, as the mainstream press conjectures, or was she involved in something more sinister, something related to her work at the prisons, something the war party may have wanted to cover up?

"Chandra's interest in those subjects was confirmed by no less a person than Gary Condit," says Rarey. "He told a Newsweek reporter they talked about the upcoming executions of Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh and drug trafficker Juan Raul Garza. 'She seemed to have a lot of interest in those two things,' said Condit, 'a lot more interest in them than I did.'"

"Why is the monopoly press always pointing to corruption elsewhere instead of right here in America?" Skolnick rightly asks. "For a price, we are told, a major criminal in Mexico in Mexico can walk right out of prison and disappear. Is the same true in the US?"

"We may never know what information these women possessed that may have led to their demises." Rarey concludes. "Certainly if they confided in any friends, it would take a tremendous act of courage for those friends to come forward, given what happened to Chandra, Joyce and Mary."

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The man who murdered Chandra Levy has been sentenced to sixty years in prison. I found this here: Killer of Chandra Levy sentenced to 60 years In Nov of 2010, Guandique was convicted of the crime though former Congressman Gary Condit was suspected at first because he and Levy were having an affair. The Salvadoran illegal immigrant was already convicted of attacking women in the exact same area at the same time of Levy's disappearance.