Grandmother Sues City, Police Department Over June Flash Grenade Incident


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That ass-hat of a police chief would say the same damn thing if there had been a meth lab there and the house had exploded and killed everyone inside. Screw him. Don't we have any real muckraking journalists any more?

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"Speaking generally, he said that anytime special teams or SWAT personnel are needed, police have to act in a way that ensures officer safety."

Yeah, that's what it's all been boiled down to these days: "officer safety". Or that's the excuse at least. Well guess what, a cop's job is ~supposed~ to be 'serve and protect', or, as our motto went in the Army Military Police Corps, 'assist, protect, deffend'. ~Nowhere~ in either of those do you see 'cover thine own ass'. Sure, only an idiot endangers him/herself needlesly, but it's not like anyone with at least a room temperature IQ doesn't understand that going into an occupation that involves chasing armed bad-guys can never be safe. The goal is supposed to be safeguarding those who need help or protection, not terrorizing them. But then, I guess I'm just old fashioned and out of step with the times. Damn, there's nothing I hate more than a dirty cop...