Pentagon Spends Millions Paying Pro Sports Teams to Honor Soldiers at Games


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It's been some 50 years since I've owned television. And almost that long since I've accepted a "duty" to accompany students or kids to any kinds of events at stadiums or coliseums. Long before I began getting my feet wet in libertarian and later anarchist thinking I began to feel uncomfortable -- intellectually violated would be an appropriate term -- at subjection to spectator sports. It just felt wrong.

The star-spangled malarkey to open the event, the incessant half-time or 7th inning subtle statism, the unrelenting fireworks (with accompanying state themes in the form of "the red, the white and the blue") to send the unwashed masses home with a healthy appreciation for state wars and explosions and murder and slaughter -- all gave me queasy feelings that I couldn't identify at the time. This started long prior to any exposure I had to the web, STR, Lew Rockwell, et al.

So this "Senate oversight report" is no surprise. Whoredom is indeed accurate. Sam