Photo Nazis Harass Long Beach Residents


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"It's incumbent upon the officer to make contact" -- and whether the contact turns into detainment depends on the circumstances encountered by the officer. It's been my observation that the people most likely to be "detained" for resisting arrest are the ones who have broken no law. Gee, I wonder why the governemt is broke.

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Yeah, I know, I misspelled "government." I do that when I think faster than I type.

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G'day rita,

You may already know this, but in case you don't, you can click on the "edit" below your post and make corrections.

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Amazing. It's stories like this that have persuaded me that constitutional arguments are just water treading. Sooner or later you'll get tired and sink. We have the same problem in my area with open carry. Certain sheriffs and police chiefs just don't like it even though they admit it's legal and so you get rousted for it no matter what. A "right" you can't exercise without permission isn't a right.

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KenK, there was no mention of "constitutional arguments" in that story. And, to maintain continuity of thought, you should have, in my opinion, written, "A "right" you can't exercise without being rousted isn't a right". Unfortunately, it would still have been just as untrue a statement, however; just because the bully-in-the-schoolyard is capable of taking your lunch money, does not mean that you do not have a "just claim" to it, i.e. a "right" to it.

roust ...2 informal treat roughly; harass : the detectives who had rousted him the night of the murder ~ Oxford Dictionaries