Police Brutality on an ABC News Crew


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Well to the news media I say, welcome to our world of the great unwashed! But on a brighter note, as the State turns to the darkside and as they become more and more comfortable doing so, it's just a matter of time before those who have been defenders of the state will start becoming it's victims as well. As this happens and those of us on the frontlines of state confrontation find themselves "under the gun" so to speak, a media in the past that ridiculed may now start to show some sympathy having also themselves been victims when innocent. The question may arise, if I was innocent then so they may be as well now. When this begins to happen, an accelerating shift will begin and I believe the state will hammer down increasing the acceleration.

Also when it comes to video cameras and the state, it seems more often than not that when things go critical mass, it's the State of Maryland in the news again. One has to then wonder about the people that make up this State to begin with and my sympathies to those liberty minded folk who have to live there!