US Soldiers Growing Disillusioned With Empire


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You know, reading the headline, you'd almost think that our brave troops are ready to stop the senseless killing of civilians and come home. But no, they're just now starting to wonder whether they can win the war.

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As an old draftee of the Korean era, I often forget to be thankful to have come to "see the light" and recognize the depth of the problem of "war".

The nature of state is the cause of war.

The natural tendency of slaves who come to adore, worship and support their masters is the cause of war.

Voting (and not recognizing the gang-mentality of "democracy") is the cause of war.

From the Army Times article:

    The war in Afghanistan is dampening support for Obama. Support for his handling of the war has dropped significantly since the last Military Times survey in January 2010

Last time I voted was 1964. I stomped the roads and highways of Texas trying to get Barry Goldwater elected -- much like the Ron Pauliens of today (including many of my own children and grandchildren). When Lyndon Johnson trounced Goldwater I became gravely disillusioned.

I had, however, not yet become an anarchist. I don't think I had even acquired the term "libertarian" in my vocabulary. I suppose I was what today we might call a "non voting statist" -- I knew there was something wrong with "My-Country", but I could not place my finger upon the problem. I was still a long way from becoming exposed to Murray Rothbard.

"Cognitive dissonance" is a term bandied about by psychiatric types today, along with "PTSD". I believe for me and a few of us here that caption could describe that space of time in our habitué when we had dipped our toes into the cold h2o of "true libertarianism", but had not yet plunged into the icy waters of anarchy -- the understanding that all political authority will always lead "we the people" into war. And the subtle distance from friends, family and colleagues resulting from their suspicion we had joined some weird political/religious "cult".

Agents of state (I've quit using the reification "The-Government") are afraid of returning veterans. They know many of them are becoming like us -- "unpatriotic" types who will no longer lend support to them. Anarchists!!!

Be kind to the returning vets. Sam