Invisible Growth


Gary North has an interesting piece out today. Unlike me, he is interested in growing churches, but the principle is good: do it underground, quietly. This is how TOLFA works; no parades, no meetings, no speeches, no campaigns - just one-to-one, exponential replication.
Quote: "If you can’t find it, you cannot tax it. If you cannot find it, you cannot regulate it. If you cannot find it, you cannot subsidize it. If you cannot tax it or regulate it or subsidize it, the state cannot suppress it. It’s simple. And it is working, just as it worked from Nero to Diocletian."


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I saw Gary's column too and thought the same thing you did, apparently: that churches aren't the only thing that could grow this way. I've always appreciated your efforts with TOLFA, although I'm very pessimistic about individuals understanding (or even being willing to learn about) freedom without twenty years of exposure to the ideas first. But Gary's column is working on that prejudice for me, and I'll keep TOLFA a bit higher in my mind regarding pointing others to your cleverly low-profile Academy. 

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Is it possible?

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Not just possible, but inevitable.
The process began based on several assumptions, nearly all of which have since proven sound. It now continues based on one key one which, by design, neither I nor anyone else can verify: that graduates of the Academy will (a) recruit one friend per year to take the course and do likewise, and (b) resign any government job they may hold, after learning their employer's true nature.
That assumption or premise looks very simple to me. Easier than anything I've seen Libertarians doing in three decades of observation. Time alone, of course, will tell; but the front cover of my Transition to Liberty shows a picture of an avalanche and its contents justify the illustration.