Conservative Movement Sanctions Same-sex Marriage


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I am presuming that for Libertarians this is not big deal and might be considered a victory for freedom. In one respect this would be true, but I am not certain this has been clearly thought through. I don't want to knee jerk here because I am a 2nd amendment freek, I am married to the idea that I have a right to own and carry a firearm and for me to be against this would make me hipocritical(sp?). I have nothing against gay individuals. I was raised with a homophobic bent, but have gradually become lets say tolerant. I probably will not be able to accept this concept, despite the fact that maybe they truely do have the right.
My concern is the future and right now our public school systems are beginning to force the concept on very young minds and in cases encouraging experimentation. This is something I cannot agree with. Anyway that's my position because I find it to be shocking that a community of religious Jews could ever come to such a consensus given the scriptures they have.
I probably should not have said anything, but I have and here it is.

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Here's a case of the cart being placed squarely in front of the horse.

Of what concern is it to me (as a libertarian) what is sanctioned or not sanctioned by agents of state? Far as I can see it won't affect me or my family if state agents "license" dogs or horses or jackasses to marry. I might encourage them to do so.

Until relatively recent history functionaries of civil government had not discovered the propriety (and lucrative theft/control device) of "licensing" individuals to marry. That was a church function. Enacting federal reserve and income tax laws for control of the unwashed masses (and the fruits of their production) gave rise to such encroachments as enhanced marriage "laws" and "licensing".

I'll agree to the egregiousness of promoting the "gay" phenomenon as normal behavior in government ("public" ha ha) schools. I see that as a small blip in a large globalist agenda. Sam

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Samarami. I guess it is about how we view freedom. I am entirely uncertain what Libertarians actually believe. It seems to me there is a plethora of different style of Libertarians. Maybe that should be expected, but I am a person who is really autistic for consistancy despite the fact that I am as inconsistant as can be.
Some of the things I read I kind of agree with in regards to the libertarian position. I agree that the government is nothing near what the Constitution outlines and I agree that our Bill of Rights has virtually diasppeared. The Constitution, as far as I have learned to date, started getting screwed up with George Washington and the Whiskey Tax. From there it all started going to hell in a hand basket.
Now. I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals, probably less against them than our tyrannical federal and state government. I have not brought myself around to accepting the idea of marrage, maybe in time. If I believe that all people have a "Natural Right to Freedom"; in the countable and uncountable stages of the noun, then it would clearly be hipocritical of me to say no to marrage (my objection is a learned response). My strongest objection to gays is not the law abiding respectable gay person its the freeks that want to parade about and flaunt their lifestyle under the noses of the American people. These actions do more harm for the decent and respectable gay person and their cause than anything else.
I was raised by homophobic parents and parents who strenuously objected to black folks. As a kid I could undertand the homophobia, but could never grasp the detestation for Black Americans. Yes I am still uneasy about black and white marrages, but there ain't nuttin I can do about it. My youngest son engaged himself with a black woman and sired an offspring, and I love the boy dearly. How in the hell does that happen. My daddy and momma would come snarling out of their graves over this. If my son were gay I would go privately nuts.
As I see it, the primary isssue is that gay people want the same legal rights married people have (to be penalized through the marrage penalty secret clause written nowhere). It would be cheaper for me to divorce my wife and we both continue to live together.
You might not be a Christian, and it makes no difference, but you do need to respect their position, at least the way I understand the libertarian philosophy (which is very little as I am only interested in being able to have the freedom to do what I wish without harming anyone else as I do what I want to do, and I don't appreciate the government stuffing their nose up my ass to tax me for having hemroids). John Adams stated that this country would collapse if we were not a moral and virtuious people. Looking at what has evolved over and throughout history this seems to be somewhat of an accurate prediction.
Now. Politely enlighten me. O.K. and not over my spelling and grammer.