Guidelines and Procedures for Bloggers



1. Obviously, don't write or link to anything that implies a threat of physical violence to anyone.

2. Please try not to monopolize the number of posts on the blog.

3. Review recent posts to ensure that you're not posting something that another blogger has already posted.

4. Please verify the accuracy of what you post.  We don't want content that's not true.  Nothing about wild conspiracy theories unless you can back it up with rock solid evidence from credible sources.

5. What you post should be interesting, informative, provocative, surprising, outrageous, amazing or funny.  Make it worth people's time to read what you write.

6. Avoid ad hominem attacks.  No flame wars, please.

7. No long manifestos, please.  Brevity is the essense of wit.

8. Please, nothing about supporting a political party or candidate, voting, the Constitution, or "good government."


1. Log in to STR.  Click on "Blog" at the top right.

2. At the top of the Blogs page just above the first blog post (in white), click on "Create a New Blog Entry."

3. Give your post a title. 

4. In the large text box below that, type in text.  If you need to insert a hyperlink into a word, highlight the word with your cursor, then click on the Link button in the toolbar.  Paste in the URL and ensure the HTTP prefix is kosher with that (see the Protocol drop-down menu).  Click OK.

5. In the Topics drop-down menu at the top right of the page, select one or more relevant topic tags.  On a Mac, select multiple tags by using the Command button and your curor.

6. Click Save at the top right.

7. If you need to edit a post, click on the hyperlink in the title of the post, then click on the Edit tab just below the title.

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Glad to see you're starting a blog! Best of luck!