Stripper Licenses!


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State Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington is an idiot.  These idiots of elective office are elected to represent their constitutents interest not to be "lawmakers". 

"Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges."  "(The more corrupt the republic, the more numerous the laws.)"
~ Cornelius Tactius

I propose a "politican license" that would allow politicans constitutents the ability to fine each and every lying word, ridiculous boon-doggle or liberty destroying act that emanates from the self-entitled parasitic class who are operating under the guise of representation.

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Persona non grata,
I wholly agree with that response. I would also go on to include that anything they are involved in that results in the harm, injury, death and etc to another person because of that bill, charges of depraved indifference and neglegent homocide charges sould be brought against them. I believe every legislator should hold a degree of criminal responsibility for the foolish bills they put forward and get approved. Those who craft the bill should held more accountable for its failure. If they had to face this maybe they would consider what they are doing a little more seriously than they currently are. I am contemplaing at all the bills that will be flooding the floor about baning firme arms of any nature. John Lott, an one time strong advocate for anti-firearm bills, became involved in researching the subject and discovered that the more guns there were in the hands of American citizins the crime rate dropped significantly. The tragedy is that facts are not what anti-gunners want because they know it demonstrates that they are wrong on every measure. My quesion is why do they ignore the truth in favor of lies? The only thing I can see that be gained is power. Power is implicitly ingrained into every negative word the speek against gun ownership by the citizens. If the Russians encourage us to keep our guns they must have some experiance and reason beind their encouragemet.