Whomever Wins in November, this Anti-Corruption U.S. Attorney WILL BE Replaced First Thing


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Good riddance to Preet Bharara, but even if he’s not reappointed, I’m sure he’ll be back in some capacity. The fact that he’s going after a few corrupt politicians to pad his resume hardly exonerates him for all the harm he’s done. He’s a politically ambitious statist who has been particularly aggressive in prosecuting the non-crimes of gambling, insider trading, and money laundering. Freedom and personal liberty mean absolutely nothing to him. Besides his vigorous prosecutions against bitcoin and internet gambling and payment processors, he also issued a subpoena and imposed a gag order on Reason Magazine for vague supposed “threats” against the Silk Road judge in its comments section. Reason later condemned the action for "suppressing the speech of journalistic outlets critical of government overreach".

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All true, but I'd still like to see Bharara indict Cuomo and Deblasio before he becomes a high priced defense attorney at some primo Manhattan law partnership.

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Agreed. I wouldn't mind at all if he indicts Cuomo and Deblasio.