How Did Pantsman Conquer the World?


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He's a "useful idiot"

How? Because the law has formed a symbiotic relationship with criminals by abusing their monopoly. Crime does pay, very well, for the legal "profession".

Those who pretend to deal with threats to civilization also have a monopoly due to public ignorance. They get to falsely frame the "problem" and define "solutions", to their benefit. This will continue until ALL stored resources of our civilization, including ALL of your property is in the hands of those who falsely claim to provide "security" while creating the very problems they pretend to deal with..

This is how asymmetrical warfare works: Spend a $ in a random, unpredictable threat and, the system (to the profit of choosers) will spend $millions of OUR MONEY setting up new "process" at the expense of OUR FREEDOM in a pointless response and attempt to predict and prevent the unpredictable.

Terrorists are not stupid. They know us far better than we know ourselves. Our "rulers" have provoked them just to increase their power by dealing with "problems" of their own creation. This is a smash and grab criminal strategy and can only "work" until the tipping point of the productive is exceeded, at which point, the economy and civilization collapses. The best, our "rulers", as parasites can hope to achieve is that they will be the last to perish. This is a false hope because, historically, when the majority cannot survive, they turn on and destroy anyone who appears to be surviving or has resources to steal. This will be the final nail in the coffin of civilization and appears to be the end game of the Luddites and Malthusians who are driving events.