On Capitol Hill, calls for action in Syria


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Does the president, have a right to intrude into another countries problems even if there may be significant interests involved which would affect the United Sates as a whole? Bush has already made that decision, so does it come down to what one president does in the past is the authority for the preceding president to carry through with the same concept? Right now many people are not thinking: X wants to be engaged, and immediately, Y wants to stay out for various reasons, and Y has no idea, or do not care as long as they can keep trucking down their mundane path. I remember an article from years past by a South American man, “This is our country and you have no business coming in here telling us what to do. It is our problem, so leave us to resolve it our way.” It was an empathetic statement, and I have the tendency to agree. Whether there are specific interest or not, particular interest does not provide the authority to move in at the will of the U.S. government and do what “it” desires.
Most people here have a hard set point-of-view on what should be done. Sometimes I think it harsh and cruel. Sometimes it makes sense while, at other times I grasp the idea. This is one of the cases I feel the Nation should keep its hands off.

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Your "president" claims to have "...drawn a red line..." at the reported use of "chemical weapons". (My President has different jurisdiction). Your "country" will probably go to war.

But keep in mind: "countries" and "nations" and "states" are abstractions -- they don't exist. They are fictitious lines in the sand. People exist.

I like the way David Calderwood puts it:

    "The state is the central abstraction by which a catastrophically wrong idea is placed into practice..."

Here's an essay I recommend for those questioning whether or not Barack Obama has a "right" to send troops wherever he well pleases.


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Incredable pieces. The essay will have to be read again and more slowly with notes and thoughts. Where do you find these things. Loved them both. Your guidance is deeply appreciated more so than some contributors.

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Before reading your suggested bits of litrature I shall ceed your president. He seems to have more common sense than any before or any future hopefuls. As for me and my soul [o]bama is not my president. I will simply say that I have a deep abiding respect for the Force, it is my hope.

It is my hope that reason prevails and we do not go to war. As Mack stated elsewhere, the indoctrination has penetrated through all generations. I have no idea what generations are in government now but it is clear most of them must come from the Mental Institutions the ACLU had shut down years ago. I think the all have stopped taking their meds. We do not need another war, and I note the democrats want to or are desirous of bringing back the draft because nearly all the volunteers have died or are crippled over the past 12 years.

None of it is ever going to stop. Earlier this week a post was made regarding "Should we express gratitude to the soldiers who went to Iraq" In it is a powerful letter written by a dying soldier to Bushie and Chainy. Very moving and rather pointedly. What more can they do to him...he is dying and may already be.

I understand what you mean by ficticious, but I have a hard time jumping through your hoops of conclusion. Though it may be true in heart, mind, and soul the writhing maggot for some mysteriously continues to propogate rules, regulations, statutes, edicts, executive orders. Failure to comply results in painful coercive punishment for not following the great bible of man. The maggot does not stop because imaginary lines are drawn.

Stay safe, stay well and watch your six

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THREE posts occurred at one posting. Why???

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THREE of these were posted. How???